Daily Kos: Blame Reagan for the Oil Spill!

If you think it's odd for Chris Matthews to blame Dick Cheney for the BP oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, the Daily Kos will go one further. The Kosmonaut with the byline "RFK Lives" is blaming Ronald Reagan:

For 30 years, our public policy has been dominated by this basic creed.  Whether it was telecom deregulation, financial deregulation, welfare "reform," regulatory "reform," or most any other issue, the Reaganite philosophy almost invariably prevailed.  Whether it was Gingrich, Greenspan, W, Cheney, or anyone else playing the tune, they were all using St. Ronnie's sheet music.

We have, sadly, reached the logical end result of Reaganism.  

An oil volcano unleashed by BP and Halliburton continues to gush w/ no end in sight.  U3 approaches 10%, U6 approaches 17%, and millions of Americans and underwater w/ their mortgages.  Our schools are facing savage cuts, and our state and local governments are basket cases.  Meanwhile Wall Street continues to party like it's 2006, and BP and Halliburton disclaim any responsibility for the havoc that they unleashed.

Somehow, Reaganism completely dominated Clintonism for eight years. And liberals think Obama's spared from being blamed for alleged "savage cuts" to schools right now, but Reagan isn't? The blog post concluded: 

We didn't, as a society, enjoy the temporary fruits of 3 decades of heedless self-interest.  We certainly are, however, bearing the long-term consequences of that approach.  Our country consciously chose Reagan over FDR, and the bill has now come due.

[Hat tip: Get Me a Tastykake]

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