Randi Rhodes Feels the Pain of Oppressed Liberals Forced to Distort Things at Fox News

Left-wing radio host Randi Rhodes celebrated her one-year anniversary with Premiere Radio Networks on Friday’s show with her producer Dave giving her flowers. He oozed: "I just wanted to thank you because when we first started working together I said you rescued me like an oily bird on the shore of right-wing ideology, and I’ll always, forever be thankful." This spurred Rhodes to mourn the painful life of oppressed liberals who work at Fox News Channel (click here for audio):

I feel the worst, the worst, for the Fox News staff in New York. ‘Cause they’re all union guys, you know, these – I mean, they, and I met a bunch of them, and they’re like ‘Oh, you have no idea. Do you need any people? Can we come to work for you?’ I go, ‘uh, I don’t have much budget, but if I could, I’d take every one of ya, nestle ya in my armpit.’

Dave said it was "tortuous" and painful to have to monitor a right-wing host. Rhodes added they have to distort things at Fox:

Not only can it be painful, but they ask you to cut audio up in such a way that it's out of context; and uh you know that are. you know, putting bullcrap on the air; they recoil in horror at what they're asked to do! That's - that's just one thing people should know about the staff that staffs these shows; they're usually very miserable at it. I won't say who, but I know so many of the producers of so many of these shows and they are miserable and always want to know if I'm hiring, always..."Can I come work for you? I really wanna work for you." I get thousands of resumes every day.

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis