CNN's Toobin Says He Was In Kagan's Study Group at Law School, But Her Views are a 'Mystery' to Him?

At The New Yorker website (his other gig), CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin explained that he is a longtime friend of Supreme Court nominee Elena Kagan and went to law school with her, even studied with her in a small group -- and yet, her political views are somehow a "mystery" to him. Not even liberals are buying this (take Matthew Yglesias at Think Progress). Toobin stated:

If I were at CNN, I would make sure Toobin discloses his friendship with Kagan regularly so viewers know he's not a distant observer -- and I would also expect him to bring some real insight into her views, not pretend that because she doesn't have much of a written record, that he doesn't know what (or how) she thinks on major issues. This is how close he reports they are:

It's additionally ridiculous that Toobin can't bring details to the table when he has seemed to make them up about justices he hates, like Clarence Thomas being "furious all the time," without even being granted a meeting.  

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