Mike Malloy: Franklin Graham Should Blow His Own Brains Out

Christian evangelist Franklin Graham's unkind words for Islam spurred some typical abuse last week from rabid leftist radio host Mike Malloy, the former CNN employee. As usual, on Thursday, Malloy wanted his hate object to commit suicide:  

MALLOY: Somebody ought to lock this guy up and give him a bag of cocaine and just let him blow his own brains out. He really, I mean...it's common knowledge that Franklin Graham is a cokehead of the worst kind...

Kind of like George W. Bush; look what happened to George W. Bush; Bush became this delusional, dry-drunk God talked to him, told him to invade countries...Jesus!

So Franklin Graham, apparently God told him to bust up on Muslims and continue to agitate and irritate a billion people on, um the planet; but now Franklin Graham is warning the President of the United States you're going to lose a millions of evangelical votes...Yes you are! (sighs)

He said, uh, because he was denied entry into the Pentagon, which Obama has nothing to do with. But Graham is a coke freak; he is, uh, an ex-junkie, and that means his head is planted wherever he needs to be in order to find a line or two...

Malloy had also ranted against Franklin Graham on Wednesday's program:

MALLOY: Now you're thinking, Franklin! Every once in a while when you've done too much coke, a thought will get through, a real thought! In the interview in USA Today, Franklin also renewed his criticism of Islam, saying Muslims do not worship the same God the father I worship; uh, yes they do; but oh, oh the father thing in there...I see, OK.

Well, actually Franklin, you coked-out freak -- uh, Jews and Christians and Muslims all worship the same god. That's why you people are out of your goddamn minds because you're always killing each other! He took a swipe at Hinduism, saying - now get this. Now tell me this guy is not drugged out of his mind. Tell me this is not someone whose brain has been burned into a cinder from too much coke. 'No elephant with 100 arms can do anything for me!'

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