Daily Kos: 'All Religions Pale In Comparison' to Environmentalism

Daily Kos may be an almost official stop of the Democratic Party -- today's top ad demands you help the Arizona Democrats fight the new immigration law -- but it's certainly not a religious website. In fact, last Friday, the blogger "HumeSkeptic" declared that all religions pale in comparison to earth worship:  

In so far as all morality is fundamentally based on preservation, betterment and continuation of life, there is no higher morality than environmentalism.

All religions pale in comparison.  

Morality, when associated with religion, is limited and parochial.  It is primarily focused on preservation, betterment and continuation of humans, but not all humans, only those following a particular belief system.

Even when it pretends to extend beyond that parochial realm – for example, “Love thy neighbor” and “Thou shalt not kill”, religious morality is limited to human life.

Environmentalism, on the other hand, encompasses preservation, betterment and continuation of all life, and, therefore, is the highest level of morality.

It being the highest morality, it is not a surprise that the vast majority of Republicans oppose and mock environmentalism.

HumeSkeptic can't see that the limited and parochial worldview might be the one that worships the planet and human life, but seems to reject any notion of an afterlife.

[Hat tip: Tysons Tower]

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