Malloy: Beck and Limbaugh Want Oklahoma City Bombing Repeated 'Endlessly'

Radical left-wing radio talker Mike Malloy was predictably overwrought on April 19 in remembering the Oklahoma City bombing. He claimed Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh greeted that mass murder with clapping and dancing, and wanted it endlessly repeated:

Today, I think Glenn Beck and Rush Limbaugh want today to be declared, uh, a national holiday. I suggest it be called Beck Memorial Day. This is the kind of day 15 years ago when Beck was still working, uh, in a bath house as a towel boy. This is the kind of day that, 15 years ago that Beck, when he woke up and heard about the bombing of the Murrah Federal Building he applauded. He clapped. He danced. He jumped around like a drop of water on a hot pancake griddle! He was just as happy as could be! This is what Beck and Limbaugh and the rest of these right wing freaks want to see happen again. And again. And again. Endlessly.

He went to a commercial break, but not before a bluegrassy musical teaser with hillbillies singing "Wouldn’t it be great if everybody had a gun?" A happy man proclaimed: "Then we wouldn’t need the police no more!"

Earlier in his first hour on Monday, Malloy also said "It’s illegal to carry a handgun in DC. I guess they could have carried a flamethrower or a bazooka, or have been driving a tank." He somehow completely forgot the Supreme Court's Heller decision opening up gun rights in DC, but he called the gun activists "dumb bastards." He also claimed "you can’t even vote" in DC, which might be a surprise to the elected mayor and city council.

After the bluegrass hillbillies/commercial break, Malloy repeated, "You just know Beck was just hoping for something bloody and murderous would occur. He's been directing his minions to do this."

On his radio show on Monday, former CNN and MSNBC talker Bill Press said Rush Limbaugh was "just totally nuts" to blame Bill Clinton for violence for suggesting on ABC and in speeches that anti-government rhetoric could lead to violence. Press protested:

Clinton is warning that violent words lead to violent action, and Rush blames him? That's like blaming Smokey the Bear for forest fires!

Press also sided with a caller who suggested the Tea Parties and their radio enablers are on the line or have crossed the line into "sedition." The caller was a dad who said he just couldn't explain to sun this "tearing apart the president," so he asked:

CALLER: At what point does all of this become sedition? At what point does this become --

PRESS: You know what?

CALLER: -- something we can get people off the air with?

PRESS: I don't have a ready answer for that, but I have to tell you, I think it comes very close to the line, if not crossing the line -- I mentioned the Whiskey Rebellion not so long ago. They were the first teabaggers in this country, and George Washington got the U.S. Army and marched to Pennsylvania to put them down because they were protesting to the point of wanting to overthrow the government. And the language that I hear, when you talk about tyrannical socialism, that's awfully close to sedition.

Mike Malloy
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