Liberal Feminists Angry at Obama, But WaPo Avoids the Words 'Liberal' and 'Feminist'

The Washington Post will go to great lengths to avoid the L-word. On its front page, it acknowledges that liberal feminists are upset about the executive order that claims to stop plans for taxpayer-subsidized abortions. "Obama angers core backers with abortion order. A8".

The story by Post reporter Rob Stein is headlined "Order on abortion angers core backers: Women's advocates bristle as president signs health proviso." How biased to the core.

Isn't it odd that newspapers like the Post won't use the label "pro-life," because that insults the other side, as if they're "anti-life," but it's fine to call the liberal side "women's advocates," as if the pro-life activists were "anti-women groups."

The word "liberal" is nowhere in the story.  Neither is the word "feminist." As the headline suggests, the story quotes a lot of feminists with only a nod to the "abortion opponents."

The irony of the "women's advocates" label pops out when Stein noted "In a January Washington Post-ABC poll, half of adults, including 53 percent of women and majorities of Republicans and independents" favored an option in which government health plans are "forbidden from covering abortions." So how is it that the "women's advocates" are opposed by a majority of women?

Rob Stein
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