Daily Kos Yells at Media: Don't You See GOP Wants a 'Civil War'?

While leftist networks like MSNBC try to associate the entire conservative movement with birthers and racists, liberals might want to ponder that consistent embarrassment known as the Daily Kos. On Saturday, "WinSmith" declared his outrage that the media would treat Republicans with civility, and the Stewarts and Colberts would merely mock them -- when they are destroying the country and want Obama dead (emphasis in the original): 

Where are the pundits, the elected officials and the media voices to say one simple thing: the republican party has gone too far.  That the primal scream of angry, hate filled, incoherent savagery on display is destroying the fabric of this country.

We cannot expect Barack Obama to be the only one to speak up.  He has said what he can, but he cannot muster the outrage that must be summoned to respond to this insanity.

At long last, have they no decency?

Who will ask this question to the Teabaggers slandering our President today and every day?   Who will ask Sarah Palin why so many millions who dare to live in urban cities are "not real Americans"?  

These people want our President, the legitimately elected President of the United States, the man who leads our armed forces and heads up our executive branch of government,  dead.  

Would the consistent Kosmonaut talk of Obama shootings make these leftists qualify as "deathers"? Let's continue:

They do not want to argue with Barack Obama on the merits of health care.  They do not want to debate the finer points of strategy over a jobs bill.  They are not interested in discussing issues like immigration or tax structures for estates and incomes over 250,000.

They are the bloodthursty mob who have turned on the very concept of a pluralistic society.  They are the pitchfork wielding ignorant witch-hunting crazies who would tear this country apart if they could to seek vengeance for their bloodlust.

They are the betrayers of the very thing they claim to love, the United States of America, precisely because they have given in to the dark forces of rage, of racism, and of incoherent fear and paranoia.  

These are not people to be argued with.  Debated.  Reasoned with.

John Stewart wasted his time trying to talk to Bill O'Reilly about anything legitimate.  It is pissing in the wind of the worst sort.

These people are the crazed stalkers who would rather kill someone they claim to "love" then to see them not act exactly the way they want them to.  They are unhinged.

Unhinged? Look in the mirror, pal. Look in the mirror.

Of course, the article is titled "The Bloodlust of the American Crazies." For someone who fears right-wing violence, this writer loves the violent imagery:

The republican party has embraced treason, racism and anti-American violence directed at the President of the United States.

I do not type these words lightly.  But there is no other way to describe it when one of America's major political parties fully and completely goes over to the dark side of facism, racist and reactionary calls to violence and revolution.  

This is no longer a political debate.  Only those foolish democrats in Washington think that this is a "disagreement" over issues or policy.  As the republicans in the Senate make clearer every day, this is a CIVIL WAR taking place, with one side prepared to go to war, and the other side sitting around hoping to have a "discussion."

You don't bring a knife to a gunfight, democrats.

Either you call this language out for the destructive force that it's become in this country, or you risk this country's fortunes, your party's fortunes, and your children's future.

Treating an opponent who wants to kill you with polite and civil discourse will not win the argument.  It'll just get you killed.

Some Kos writers are more even-keeled. One wrote on Saturday that maybe the "teabaggers" can be converted, since they are like sheep:

My conclusion is that they are also low information voters who listen to right wing talk radio and Fox news like it were gospel. They fall for the Becks, Limbaughs and Palins of the world because they don't think about how things affect them. They are like sheep.

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