Who Is Harry Knox, and Why Does He Trash the Pope? Media Elite Doesn't Care

Harry Knox is not exactly a household name, and the media elite have no interest in making hime one. The media are in the controversy-making business, but not when Barack Obama picks "spiritual advisers" who think condoms are holier than the Pope.

Most media outlets have reported nothing on Knox, despite his view that Pope Benedict is "hurting people in the name of Jesus."

Some could say Bush's faith-based initiatives office didn't get much ink, either. But back in July 2001, the networks picked up and promoted gay-left groups like Knox's group (the Human Rights Campaign) in complaining about the Bush faith-based initiative. They made the Salvation Army a target of political criticism. (Here and here.)

A Nexis check shows that since Obama selected Knox last spring, there is nothing from ABC, CBS, NBC, NPR, Time, Newsweek, and USA Today.

The Washington Post briefly noted the appointment (without critics) in April, and then used Knox in a story about the Episcopal Church in July. The New York Times only mentioned Knox last year in a profile of Bill Donohue (last May):

And Mr. Obama’s appointment of Harry Knox, a gay human-rights activist -- ''an anti-Catholic bigot who has called the pope a liar'' -- to the Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnerships had Mr. Donohue in overdrive.

''This is fantastic,'' said Mr. Donohue, 61, with a gap-toothed smile that he rarely shows on television. ''I can't get enough of it.''

CNN captured John Boehner condemning Knox in live coverage of a press conference, but never in an actual news story they produced. MSNBC's Nexis search (their transcripts are only from parts of their schedule) found a defense of know on Ed Schultz's show last April.

Several networks (NBC and NPR) talked to Knox in December 2008 as he protested....Barack Obama, or more precisely, Obama's decision to invite evangelical pastor Rick Warren to offer the invocation at the Inauguration. The NPR show was Tell Me More:

HARRY KNOX: Well, we were outraged about this decision, Michel, because he could have chosen so many other people to serve in this role. But he chose a person who has used the most divisive and hateful language you can imagine to talk about lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people like me and my husband, Mike.

MICHEL MARTIN, NPR: What do you consider hateful?

KNOX: Well, when he compares us to people who practice bestiality and pedophilia, to be called a pedophile is the most insulting thing I can imagine. If I were a violent person it would get him a punch in the nose. But this is the sort of speech that's used about LGBT people with impunity by folks all the time, and we're standing up to say that is unacceptable and it certainly shouldn't be done by a person who's going to be invited to be the preacher at the inaugural.

MARTIN: Harry Knox, if I could just continue with you for just a minute. There are some 62 million evangelical Christians in this country. Is it your view that they should have no representation in this inauguration, or is it something about Rick Warren?

KNOX: Absolutely not. It's Rick Warren. It's the choice of this person that's so hurtful to us.

Evangelicals who completely accept the LGBT agenda -- he wouldn't have minded one of them praying for Obama and the country. Once again, the forces of "tolerance" want anyone who disagrees with them silenced.

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis