Malloy: Rush, Sean, Glenn, and Bill 'Bombed' America on 9/11

Radical-left talk show host Mike Malloy went on a tear again on Tuesday night as election returns poured in from Massachusetts. Malloy was blunt about the voters. To him, they said: "We want a theocratic madman as our senator."

But Malloy really started swinging as he noted the headline that Prince Alwaleed bin Talal of Saudi Arabia was having talks with Rupert Murdoch about News Corp investing in his Rotana Media company. That story led to this rant about conservative talkers being the real terrorists on 9/11 (Listen for yourself here):

You crazy sons-of-bitches, you right-wingers. Do you not understand that the people you hold up as heroes bombed your goddamn country? Do you not understand that Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly are as complicit of the September 11, 2001 terror attack as any one of those dumb-ass fifteen who came from Saudi Arabia? Don’t you get that?

I wonder if Rachel Maddow was still loving Malloy for his "dark thoughts." Malloy was furious at the election results, but he insisted the political elite was completely, hopelessly "corporatist." He insisted there was little to no difference between Scott Brown, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama:

The people of Massachusetts still said "No, we want a theocratic madman as our Senator." Oh, okay. So what? What’s the difference between the new senator and Bill Clinton? Somebody tell me. I’m serious. There is not a bit of difference between them! And very little between Brown and Obama!

He lamented Obama would have Brown over "for a cup of goddamn coffee!" He said the Democratic Party died with FDR, but he couldn’t figure out which year that was.

What, '48? '47? '46. '46. No, '45. When did we drop the bomb? '44. I don’t know. I guess it was '44? Yeah, because Truman had to make the decision to drop the bomb. I guess it’s '45. That’s when the Democratic Party died. Come on. Come on. Bury the son of a bitch!

If you really want to work toward the ideals the Democratic Party put together in the Thirties, then start going to work for Democratic Socialist candidates, people like Bernie Sanders....The Democratic Party is as useless as teats on a bull.

Mike Malloy
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