Joy Behar's Sex Chat on HLN: 'Sean Hannity Has Never Truly Satisfied a Woman'

Air America’s website is loving Joy Behar’s show on CNN Headline News. Last Wednesday, Joy took a whack at conservative talker Sean Hannity as she introduced discussion on whether women have a "G-spot" of sexual satisfaction. Her pre-cooked joke was that since the G-spot may not exist, and Sean Hannity thinks global warming doesn’t exist, "Sean Hannity has never truly satisified a woman."

Is this really the kind of territory Joy Behar wants to be traveling on? "Sex symbol" is not a term that applies to her. Most people also would have wanted to be spared from her joking her frequent guest Dr. Mehmet Oz can play doctor with her: "Let Dr. Oz find it on me and then we'll see."

Here’s how she introduced a jokey discussion about female sexuality with leftist comedy writer Lizz Winstead and Naomi Wolf, who we’re told is working on "a cultural history of the vagina" after her last book of crazy talk on the "fascist shift" under President Bush:

BEHAR: Something`s been bugging me ever since I read that a study in England reported there is no such thing is the G-spot. For all of you neophytes out there the G-spot is the place that supposedly gives women true sexual satisfaction. I always thought that was Bloomingdale`s, but whatever.

I haven`t seen mine since 1968, right after the Democratic convention. At this point, I`m thinking of putting it on the side of a milk carton, ok. But then earlier this week on my show, Dr. Oz, the fabulous doctor who I love, he said that the British study is wrong and that there definitely is a G-spot. Now, what`s a girl to do?

So is there or isn`t there a G-spot? It`s like global warming in a way, isn`t it, the icecaps are sliding into Alabama but there are people like Sean Hannity who say there`s no such thing as global warming. So putting two and two together, here`s what I come up with.

Sean Hannity has never truly satisfied a woman.

Okay, so what`s going on? Does G mark the spot or what?

She really sounds like the Fred Armisen Saturday Night Live impression at that point.

It wouldn’t truly be the Joy Behar show without some Catholic-bashing in it. Winstead explained that she knows where her G-spot is because of her guilt-ridden Catholic upbringing. The question was whether the guests would use a female version of Viagra:

BEHAR: Oh, you`re such a braggart. She's got a G-spot, she doesn`t need Viagra.

WINSTEAD: You know what? Here’s the deal. When you`re brought up Catholic --

BEHAR: Yeah.

WINSTEAD: – And you`re so terrified of having sex, because you`re going to go to Hell, you find all sorts of spots by yourself. And regardless of whether Carrie Prejean says it`s not sex --

BEHAR: That’s true.

WINSTEAD: -- You do a lot of pre-, uh, finding.

Air America has video. People who do not love Joy Behar are truly mystified at the raucous laughter that's constantly unfolding on this segment. Do they hire laughers for the set? Or do you have to be an Air America fan to find the humor?

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