Kathy Griffin Insists Carrie Prejean's a 'Moron,' Then Confuses the CIA and FBI

Despite last year's oral-sex-insult fiasco, left-wing comedienne Kathy Griffin is co-hosting CNN's New Year's Eve coverage with Anderson Cooper again in 2009. On Wednesday night's Anderson Cooper 360, Griffin joked to CNN anchor Erica Hill: "This year, there's a stipulation in my contract, which I'm almost sure is not in yours or Wolf's or Jack Cafferty's, which is if I cuss like I did last year, by accident, I -- I have to write the [pay] check back."

Griffin stood out for calling Carrie Prejean a "moron" for opposing gay marriage, and then displayed her own lack of intelligence by suggesting current FBI director Robert Mueller was actually head of the CIA. Oops. Is that close enough when grading on the celebrity curve? Here's the first half:

ERICA HILL: But what I really need to know, speaking of guys, whose team are you on, looking back at 2009? Are you Team Larry King or Team Carrie Prejean?

GRIFFIN: Right. I'm a gay dude. I'm not Team Prejean, please. She's a moron. I'm Team Larry King all the time, even though he thinks I'm Kathie Lee Gifford. Larry, don't argue. You know that you're never quite sure.

Griffin appeared in two segments, which certainly suggests a very slow news night. In the second, she helped Erica Hill by reading (and commenting on) all the latest celebrity gossip, like a story on Charlie Sheen and his wife Brooke Mueller:

GRIFFIN: The drama of his story and his wife. We're hearing Brooke Muller -- or Mueller -- is she related to the former CIA head, 'cause that would be funny?

No, it's funny that Griffin would insult someone else as a "moron" and then so blatantly mess this up. Mueller has headed the FBI since September 4, 2001. Has Kathy Griffin opened a newspaper since then?

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