Time's 'Letters of the Year' Led by Assertion 'Time Has a Love Affair' With Obama

The media have routinely denied having a liberal bias over the years, but when it comes to Barack Obama, they're not so shy about admitting their favoritism. Time magazine's year-end double issue republishes "Letters of the Year," and reprinted in the largest boldest, type is this reaction to the 2008 Person of the Year story:

"Choosing Obama was so predictable. TIME has had a love affair with him since he announced his candidacy for president." -- Ken Taylor, HARTFORD, TENN.

That was the only republished letter with a conservative viewpoint. The "Dissent of the Year" was a rant comparing Fox talker Glenn Beck to a terrorist after their Beck cover story in September:

"Running a cover story on Glenn Beck is the equivalent of giving a terrorist publicity for setting off a bomb. Beck has made himself rich off people's fears without making the slightest constructive comment on national issues. He's a TV evangelist who makes altar calls and then drives away in his Cadillac." -- Alan Moen, ENTIAT, WASH. on "The Agitator," Sept. 28.

Also in bold type were a series of liberal letters, as usual. These sentences were also in bold (if slightly smaller in type):

"Someone should remind Ann Coulter that, based on the result of the election, 'normal' in this country is liberal, not right-wing." -- Ralph Kaden,  POUGHKEEPSIE, N.Y. on Coulter's Time 100 Essay for the May 11 issue.

"History will be kind to Ted Kennedy. And like other great Americans who went before him, he now belongs to the ages." -- Paul Whiteley Sr., LOUISVILLE, KY. on Time's Sept.7 commemorative issue.

"I hope the strength and resilience Elizabeth Edwards has found will continue to serve her well." -- Karen Katz, CLEVELAND, on Edwards' book except in the May 18 issue.

"Amen to Time. Gay or not -- who cares? Adam Lambert is sexy and has a singing voice from God. I know he'll be a big star." -- Amanda Posito, CHATSWORTH, CALIF., on a May 18 review of Lambert and American Idol.


Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis