'Obama Pride' Official Starts 'Church Outing' Website to Expose (or Smear) Catholic Priests

Blogger Amanda Hess of the Washington City Paper suggests a new story for The Washington Post on the gay left waging war on the Catholic Church over the city council's imposition of "gay marriage" rules without a referendum:

A new Web site hopes to use the oldest trick in the book to combat the Catholic Church’s opposition to same-sex marriage: A good, old-fashioned forced outing!

At ChurchOuting.org, you’re invited to scroll through a list of every Achbishop, Bishop, and Reverend in the Archdiocese of Washington, zero in on one you know is gay, and then submit your “detailed account of how you know the priest in question is being hypocritical through his silence.”

The web site's creator is Phil Attey, who just last year was an Obama Pride coordinator in DC. The DC gay magazine Metro Weekly adds that Attey worked for the left-wing gay activists at the Human Rights Campaign for the "bulk" of the 1990s.

Why the website? Orthodox Christianity is like child abuse to homosexuals:

For generations, in Catholic churches across the country, LGBT youth are told they should be ashamed of who they are and that they should lead loveless lives as social and religious abominations. The emotional, psychological and spiritual abuse inflicted on them by Catholic priests and our church hierarchy is in reality as damaging as the physical or sexual child abuse anyone would quickly condemn. Yet to this abuse, few raise their voices and say ’ENOUGH!’"

It’s almost funny that Attey would so inaccurately proclaim that this ancient orthodoxy is a "harmful new direction," as if there had been 2,000 years of liberalism:

It is not the intention of this site to complicate the lives of closeted gay priests, rather to help them make the difficult choice to stand up against the hateful and harmful new direction the Church hierarchy is taking the Holy Mother Church.

The assignment editors at the Post certainly cannot claim that gay activist "outing" campaigns are not controversial or newsworthy -- especially when activists start encouraging anonymous accusers to suggest priests are gay. The site promises: "Rest assured, if you wish to remain anonymous, your privacy will be respected." This takes the war on orthodox Christian churches to a new level, and it ought to be noticed.

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis