Will Media Preach Against 'Lincoln/Obama Inaugural Bible Collection'?

Ken Shepherd and Colleen Raezler both noted the liberal-media loathing for a conservative Bible project last month. In noting conservative Rod Dreher's beard-plucking loathing for the "American Patriot's Bible" on The Corner, Mike Potemra suggested that if the patriot Bible would offend liberals, one can only imagine the pain a conservative would find at this Christmas gift, made available on October 27: The Lincoln/Obama Inaugural Bible Collection.

Somehow, I doubt liberal reporters like Amy Sullivan at Time will have a discouraging word about this project.

For 100 dollars (alright, $63 with generous Amazon discounting), the publisher Andrews McMeel gives a Bible-toting Christian everything one would want to revere Obama's swearing-in:

The Lincoln/Obama Inaugural Bible Collection commemorates the significance of January 20, 2009, the day that President Barack Obama was inaugurated, using the Lincoln Bible to take the presidential oath of office. Bridging the historic nature of both President Abraham Lincoln's and President Obama's inaugurations, this collection is a stunning keepsake that pays tribute to both men and the office of the U.S. president.

In addition to a velvet-covered Bible with a gold clasp that's said to be a replica of the Good Book Lincoln used for his inauguration in 1861, the clamshell box also includes:

* A 2009 Inauguration Packet, including the official congressional invitation complete with photographs of the president and vice president, the official Inauguration Program, and the St. John's Prayer Service Program, which was held the morning of the inauguration.

* A 72-page booklet with Lincoln and Obama photos, memorabilia, historical facts, and observations, including President Lincoln's 1861 inaugural address and his Cooper Union address. Also in the booklet are President Obama's complete inaugural address and highlights from his speech on race in Philadelphia during the campaign. [Why not include the Jeremiah Wright sermons that inspired that??]

* A booklet with a facsimile of the original Emancipation Proclamation and other versions published at the time.

Amazon has a video lovingly displaying the contents like a quiet version of The Price is Right showcase. It's not exactly flying off the shelves.

Andrews McMeel, a corporate partner of the Universal Press Syndicate, is best known in the book world for publishing book-length collections of Universal comic strips. The book in this project is not comical, but some might think all the packaging is.  We'll wait for the Time magazine verdict.

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