Rachel Maddow Shreds Creigh Deeds as Inept, But Suggested Bob McDonnell Was Sinking in September

On Sunday’s Meet the Press, MSNBC hostess Rachel Maddow broke out the ten-foot-pole of disgust for losing Virginia gubernatorial candidate Creigh Deeds. But back in September, she suggested Bob McDonnell’s thesis from "Pat Robertson’s Liberty University" would sink him: "Here’s where Republican electoral chances stop being separate from the wild-excesses of the conservative movement."

Oops. Actually, double oops, Miss Maddow: Robertson’s college is Regent University. Isn’t it amazing that her liberal fans always tout how she "does her homework"?

Here’s Maddow on Sunday:

I think that if, if Republicans could choose to have anything to extrapolate from the, from the Bob McDonnell race, it would be to have as an opponent Creigh Deeds. If they could pick anything that they wanted. I mean, Creigh Deeds was a, was a marketably ineffective Democratic candidate, essentially running away from the president, running from everything popular in the Democratic agenda and doing it in a stylistically poor way. So I'm sure he's a very nice guy; he was a very bad candidate.

Here’s Maddow on her MSNBC program on September 22:

And here's where the conservative movement and the Republican establishment smash into each other like bumper cars without bumpers. Here’s where Republican electoral chances stop being separate from the wild-eyed excesses of the conservative movement. At the Values Voter Summit this weekend, Republican presidential ever hopeful Mitt Romney told the conservative crowd there that he thought signs were good that the Republican in the Virginia governor`s race, Bob McDonnell, would win. Romney this week also raised over $100,000 for Mr. McDonnell.

But Mr. McDonnell has seen his poll numbers shrink recently, ever since he brought up his master's thesis in an interview with The Washington Post. Mr. McDonnell did his graduate degree at televangelist Pat Robertson’s Liberty University.

And after he brought up his thesis with reporters, those reporters went and read it and then they promptly reprinted the parts where he said things like government policy needs to stop favoring with the cohabitators, homosexuals or fornicators. Fornicators? He also says that women shouldn't work outside the home, for what it's worth.

After electing two Democratic governors in a row, is Virginia really going to turn around and elect a Republican this year who went to Pat Robertson's university and who crusaded against fornicators? Well, now, it's getting worse for Bob McDonnell and his poll numbers show it.

That prediction (or bout of wishful thinking) didn't exactly work out.

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