ABC's Terry Moran Oozes Over Nobel Prize on Twitter, Denounced 'Obama Haters' Last Week

Is Twitter a place where journalists betray their biases? Yes, in the case of ABC Nightline anchor Terry Moran. If you like the "feeling of hope," then you favor Obama's prize.

Today: "Obama's Nobel is an award to a feeling more than any deed:the feeling of hope.Justified?Depends on what you think of the Nobel--and of hope."

Last week, after the Chicago Olympic fiasco: "Today this Chicago-born die-hard is crestfallen. I know--lots of people are happy: Obama-haters, fiscal cons, etc. But not me. I need a pop."

Moran doesn’t "tweet" multiple times a day – unlike ABC’s Jake Tapper (who joked on Twitter today about Arizona State refusing an honorary degree: "apparently the standards are more exacting for an ASU honorary degree these days.") But Moran did get repeatedly exercised over Rep. Joe Wilson’s yelling at Obama:

# @raa3 In general, it's easier to be rude to those we do not consider our equals.8:02 AM Sep 10th from web in reply to raa3

# Wilson called the White House to apologize for hollering "YOU LIE" at the president. Good for him. Civility matters, especially for leaders.10:48 PM Sep 9th from web

# @slavs06 Calling the president a liar is expressly prohibited by the rules of the House and Senate. It's disgraceful, whatever your politics 9:41 PM Sep 9th from web in reply to slavs06

# It was Republican Congressman Joe Wilson of South Carolina who hollered "YOU LIE" at the president. His mom must be so proud of him. 9:13 PM Sep 9th from web

# And, judging by the look on Nancy Pelosi's face, his office is being moved tonight to a bathroom in the basement House Annex 3. 9:08 PM Sep 9th from web

# If it was a member of Congress who hollered out "LIE!" at the president, that's a shame. 9:07 PM Sep 9th from web

One can only wonder what Moran will say next about this prize. Remember, he told Mediabistro Obama was a global visionary: "I like to say that, in some ways, Barack Obama is the first President since George Washington to be taking a step down into the Oval Office."

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis