Couric Denounced 'Disturbing' Town Hall Wackos Bringing 'Fear and Frankly, Ignorance'

This is a little old, but still strong brew: Katie Couric's TV commentary attacking the town-hall protesters for "disturbing attitudes and emotions," emitting the sound of "fear and frankly ignorance."  

At a town meeting hosted by Senator Arlen Specter, a Pennsylvania resident stood up to say that the health care debate has "awakened the sleeping giant." Not exactly.

What's it's done, it seems, is stirred a hornets nest, and uncovered disturbing attitudes and emotions that have nothing to do with policy.

Are we really still debating health care when a man brings a handgun to a church where the President is speaking?

How does a swastika spray-painted on a Congressman's office further a discussion about Medicare?

These are tough and challenging times and lots of people are scared about their jobs and the economy. But we can't let fear and frankly ignorance -- drown out the serious debate that needs to take place -- about an issue that affects the lives of millions of people.

Can anyone tell the difference between a Couric commentary and a high school student newspaper editorial? A cheerleader could write this gunk with both pom-poms still in her hands.

She would never take one or two wild-eyed people at a left-wing protest and suggest the whole protest movement is full of "disturbing attitudes."

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis