Time Trashed Bernard Goldberg Book, But Tells Conservatives to Sit In 'Professor Carville's Class'

Two months ago, Time magazine trashed Bernard Goldberg’s book on liberal pro-Obama bias (A Slobbering Love Affair) as a book to "toss" instead of read in their mini-book review featured called The Skimmer. In the latest Time, Andrea Sachs praised the newest James Carville book, titled 40 More Years: How the Democrats Will Rule the Next Generation. It drew a "Skim" command instead of a "Read," but the copy was very promotional:

No one does partisanship better than the Ragin' Cajun. In his latest book, the Louisiana-bred campaign strategist, who recently returned to teach political science at Tulane, takes a victory lap celebrating the Democrats' 2008 electoral trifecta. "The myth of Republican competence and fiscal responsibility is shattered," a victim of the strategic and economic missteps of the Bush years, Carville gleefully notes. If Democrats play their cards right, he argues, they can dominate politics for the next four decades. The key? "To rebuild Americans' trust in government as a force of good." His excitability is infectious, if only to those on the same side of the aisle. ("Let's go out and spank the Republicans again and again," he exhorts readers.)

It's clearly exciting on Time's side of the aisle. While Time suggested Goldberg’s book was just pandering for the conservatives, Sachs boldly suggests conservatives should sit in "Professor Carville’s class" and learn something:

Those who tend to agree more with his wife, conservative pundit Mary Matalin, might want to sneak a look too -- if just for Carville's reasoned, though perhaps scathing, explanation of how "the demographic foundations of the Republican Party are crumbling." Professor Carville's class is now in session.

Carville's copy is "perhaps scathing"?

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis