Alec Baldwin Imagines 'The World Gave W. a Pass For Eight Years'

President Bush may have retired to Texas, but The Huffington Post indulges Alec Baldwin as he makes completely imaginary points about how the whole world bent to Dubya’s will for eight years:

Everyone seems to be on this "First Hundred Days" trip. What's Obama gonna do to clean up these disparate, enormous messes? Put out all the fires?

Give it a rest. A plane load of Saudi sociopaths hit the World Trade Center and the Congress, the country and the world gave W. a pass for eight years. Whatever he wanted. They gave him the MasterCard. The result: priceless.

This is why no one wants to listen to celebrities when they take up politics: their egos are so large that they seem to overwhelm any need for accuracy. Baldwin concluded his February 6 Huffington fever dream by telling John McCain to shut up and "go out" with dignity:

To John McCain. You need to keep quiet, John McCain. You lost and more importantly you are to blame for your loss. You ran a lousy campaign. In terms of message, logistics, ideas. Now you can't seem to shut up about the stimulus package. Another rich Republican market shill who can only deal with spending bills that stimulate the Dow. You gotta shut up, John McCain. We can never go back to the Stone Age ideas that the likes of you and Paulson and Cheney (re: fighting terrorism) have tried to force down our throats. Your political career is over, essentially. So go out with a little dignity. You lost the race, so you can take your lips off the Bush family fundraising apparatus now.

On the plus side, if Baldwin didn’t completely ruin his pundit status with the imaginary Global Reign of Bush claims, Baldwin insisted Tim Geithner should resign: "There must be dozens of other men and women who could do that job just as well and right now. Why is Geithner still there? Geithner should resign."

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis