Robert Redford's Fried Green Poets Hit D.C.

The "Yeas and Nays" gossip column in Friday’s Washington Examiner reported the liberal weirdness on display at the Kennedy Center when Robert Redford assembled poets aged 13 to 25 for a supposedly deep-thinking "spoken word forum" on the environment. One "def poet" who inspired Redford was George Watsky, who touts himself as the "Undisputed Backtalk Champion." But the snippet that the gossips used was simply bizarre, from a poem titled "I Am So Green."

I have green middle fingers and I flip the green bird....I am so green, Morpheus offered me the red pill and the blue pill, I chose the green one.

Redford is apparently dazzled by odd Matrix metaphors. "You cannot go through a day without seeing something real coming up in print, radio, TV, song, fashion or film," Redford said. "But this group added something new, and what is really important is that they are using both their ears to hear the adults that are making the policies to convey the depth and degree of their passion and their voices to demand that we participate in the system that is shaping them."

"Three years ago at Sundance we heard some of these voices, and when they introduced George and he read his speech, I saw the reactions of the elected officials, and they were all just stunned," Redford said. "They were literally shocked and it was great to see those expressions."

Redford didn’t consider that they were stunned, not because it was profound, but because it was nonsensical. They were too stunned to flip him the green bird.  

And Redford thinks Team Bush is "retarded"...

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis