Cannes-tankerous Sean Penn: Bush Is 'Absolute Evil,' A Mass Killer

Actor Sean Penn arrived at the Cannes Film Festival to serve as the president of the prestigious Palme d'Or jury judging the best picture. But Reuters reports from France that Penn predictably lashed out at President Bush as brainless, and even puzzled reporters by praising Barack Obama, except for his "phenomenally inhuman and unconstitutional" voting record:

Penn, who is known for his vocal political activism, also took the opportunity to lash out at U.S. President George Bush and said politics should be about helping people.

"It is almost a wrong phrase -- the politics of George Bush. It is kind of the inane stupidity and for lack of good, the absolute evil of it. And I think that films are about love and that art is about love and so you have the insight that the brain actually has a purpose in connecting to the heart and when somebody operates without a brain and without a heart they kill hundreds of thousands of people around the world, so it is not something that is hard to disagree with. I am just, it is a shame that we have to bastardise the term politics and attributing it to people like that, because politics again should really be an organization of helping each other," said Penn.

What? Politics should be an organization? Frank James blogged at the Baltimore Sun that he didn't know what Penn was talking about as he half-criticized Obama:

Asked if he would be joining other Hollywood A-listers in pledging support for Obama, Penn gave him a less than ringing endorsement and warned that he has an awful lot to live up to.

"I don't have a candidate I'm supporting and I'm certainly interested and excited by the hope that Barack Obama is inspiring," he said, but went on to accuse him of a "phenomenally inhuman and unconstitutional" voting record.

"I hope that he will understand, if he is the nominee, the degree of disillusionment that will happen if he doesn't become a greater man than he will ever be," Penn said. "This is the most important election, certainly in my lifetime, and maybe ever."

"Phenomenally inhuman" and "unconstitutional?" Disillusionment that will happen if he doesn't become a greater man than he will ever be?" What the heck is he talking about?

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