Despite Cannibal Talk, PBS Host Hailed Ted Turner As 'Remarkable'

You’ve seen the Ted Turner quote from the April 1 Charlie Rose show about global warming turning what’s left of us into cannibals, but the point should still be made that PBS and Rose treated him as a statesman and a scholar. The host oozed all over him at the show's end: "You're a remarkable man..I enjoy your company. I think the life you've lived with passion, independence, a sense of great, great, and deep concern about the world we live in is remarkable."

What Turner said in reply was highlighted by Rose at the beginning of the hour: "I love this planet. It's worth saving. I mean, it's worth saving.You know, I know we're the same people that did the Holocaust, but we also did the Mona Lisa and Beethoven`s Fifth Symphony. I mean, there is so much -- this world -- we can't turn it into a cinder. We've got to protect it for ourselves and for our children. And it's worth fighting for. And that's all I'm doing, is trying to fight to help save humanity."

Rose was so indulgent of Turner that he goaded him into singing "Over the Rainbow" and "My Old Kentucky Home" and told him "it was good."

After the cannibalism talk, it was more amusing to see this exchange about his feud with Rupert Murdoch, and how he hasn't been caught saying anything stupid:

ROSE: Well, let's just stay with Rupert for a second, because the kind of things that you two slung at each other was as bad as it can get. You know? Suggesting...

TED TURNER: We never flung bullets at each other. We never descended into fisticuffs. Or I never pushed or shoved, and neither did he. We verbally pushed and shoved.

ROSE: Was the word "Hitler" used?

TED TURNER: Yes, but not the -- you know, just to describe some of his activities. (Laughter) You know, that was a little strong, I have to admit. But I was younger then. You know, and I`ve always suffered from foot in the mouth disease.

ROSE: Well, yes, that`s true.

TED TURNER: I`ve gotten a lot better, though. And it`s been a long time since anybody caught me saying something stupid.

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