Even Washington Post Nixes Europeans Voting for POTUS

Perhaps the strangest question fielded during a live chat last night by Washington Post assistant managing editor Robert Kaiser came from a Dutch citizen wanting to vote in our election for President of the United States (or POTUS, to use DC lingo). Even Kaiser said no way, Van der Sloot:

Rotterdam, The Netherlands: Americans are now excercising their power to decide their prefered candidate. By doing so they are influencing the fate and direction of the U.S. and, while at it, the whole world. This is a heavy burden for the Americans alone. I think citizens from other nations, like myself, should be allowed to "side-vote," so as to make clear their prefered candidate. Are we not all Americans?  

Robert G. Kaiser: No you're not. Sorry!

Perhaps he could have said "Mind your own Rotterdam business."

They also discussed how current Post humorist (and former Post editor) Gene Weingarten is voting for Obama.

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