Time's Cox Slips In Limbaugh Drug Jokes

If you don't have immediate primary results, there is always resorting to cheap shots. On Time's Swampland blog, Ana Marie Cox dipped back into the Limbaugh-druggie jokes:

Conventional wisdom -- and, who knows, maybe it's the truth -- has it that a close night tonight for McCain will be due to talk radio. Fine. But does a not-as-good-as-it-should-be* result for McCain necessarily bode well for Mitt Romney? I couldn't help but notice the way the nets have been slugging the story: [Graphic from CNN on Limbaugh vs. McCain]

Because, you know, Limbaugh's not the one that's running. I'm sure he could beat McCain -- at least in ratings, and maybe in an election if R's opinions on drug use change dramatically -- but Romney is the one that needs to.

Time Ana Marie Cox
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