Air America Host Cheers Teen-Mauling Tiger, Steve Irwin's Death

The talk-radio host known simply as "Lionel" joined the Air America team in May, and he has demonstrated he belongs on the exotic fringe with the rest of the network. Most people don’t take sides when a zoo tiger mauls a teenager to death. "Lionel" favored the tiger. His blog declared: "If you shoot a tiger with a sling-shot, you deserve to get mauled. That’s just how it works." The New York Post reported several teenagers that were victimized by the tiger had slingshots, but that has not been confirmed by San Francisco zoo officials. On his show Wednesday, "Lionel" was even more explicit:

Call me wacky, but hurray for the tiger that killed the kid who was...taunting him. Now, I know this is not right...but let's hear it for the wild...I loathe zoos. I'm still cheering the fact that some stingray whacked that Aussie pain-in-the-ass Steve Irwin.

Remember this when they tell you that all the compassion for humanity resides on the left. Actually, the left favors wild animals over humanity. They feel humans have less dignity, less of a right to life.

It reminds me of how Brent Bozell talks about being blindsided on the old "Politically Incorrect" show with Bill Maher when it was on Comedy Central (before it moved to ABC). It was 1995, and the actor Christopher Reeve had been paralyzed in an equestrian competition. Brent said Maher took the position that Reeve deserved the accident because he was victimizing the horse. Boston Globe columnist Jeff Jacoby confirmed Maher’s position.

UPDATE: Radio Equalizer has posted an audio clip, and noted that Maher, too, thinks the Crocodile Hunter's death is hilarious.

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis