PBS Star Bill Moyers Uses She-God To Raise Funds for Leftists

The next time someone claims PBS is an oasis of fairness and balance, suggest they notice that Bill Moyers writes fundraising letters for hard-left political efforts. Arriving in the mail at liberal households over the holidays is a direct-mail fundraiser from Jim Hightower, the former agriculture commissioner of Texas and washed-up talk show host. He has a new, cheap newsletter ($10 annual subscription), and included is a testimonial with the Moyers mug on it. Moyers wrote that Hightower's work is better than Heaven, and the she-God learned immensely from it:

Dear fellow citizen,

I am told the first thing the late people's pundit Molly Ivins did upon reaching that Great Valhalla of Scribes in the Sky was to whip out the latest edition of The Hightower Lowdown and read it aloud to the multitude of saints, angels, and cherubs gathered to greet her.

I have it on reliable authority that the heavens shook, and that even the Lord of Hosts was astounded finally to learn what was really happening back on Earth. "Why don't I know this?" she demanded of the apostles, all of whom reportedly now have their own subscriptions.

Moyers also claimed Hightower has "sources Heaven never dreamt of." Please remember this letter the next time Moyers drips his contempt for people who (1) claim God is on their side of the political fence; and (2) use God as a foil for fundraising.

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