Valerie Plame Hates The Washington Post, Compares It to Pravda

In her interview tour of left-wing, Bush-hating Web sites, Valerie Plame threw a bone to Firedoglake (the one that refers to Joe Lieberman as "Rape Gurney Joe" for not forcing Catholic hospitals to provide "emergency contraception" for rape victims). She also granted one to, which just this week awarded its "Wings of Justice" Award to Pete "Bush Is Amused by Soldiers Dying" Stark. She amused them with lines like "I want a t-shirt that says, 'I was slimed by the Republican administration.' You can make a lot of money on that."

But the really interesting section of the interview is her continuing hatred for The Washington Post. (On NBC and elsewhere, she compared the Post editorialists to Pravda, the hoary state propaganda newspaper of the Soviet Union.) Here, the BuzzFlash guru and Plame take turns bashing the Post:

BuzzFlash: This has come up in the mainstream media, but it’s certainly forgotten by The Washington Post editorial board, who, as you pointed out, has printed some editorials that appear almost to be made of whole cloth.

Valerie Plame Wilson: I don’t know if anyone else got that.

BuzzFlash: We read the editorials, and we couldn’t believe this. This was akin to the Wall Street Journal, which often runs editorials with misinformation that’s contradicted by articles on its news pages. The same thing happened in the Washington Post editorials about the Scooter Libby trial, and your husband’s original op-ed piece. There are so many facts the Post has gotten wrong in its editorials.

Valerie Plame Wilson: Exactly. Clearly the editorial page of The Washington Post is aligned with the Bush administration, and they were very pro-war. I just found it so disappointing, which is not a good enough word. They blamed Joe for something Prosecutor Fitzgerald had already proven had come from senior government officials -- that is, the revealing of my covert identity.

BuzzFlash: It’s beyond belief. Basically the Post editorials on this issue exhibited reckless disregard for the facts that were printed in its own news section.

Valerie Plame Wilson: Their circulation is plummeting, so maybe someone else has figured out: "This isn’t working for me." Opinion is one thing, but you’ve got to stick to the agreed-upon facts.

BuzzFlash: That’s true. They could have an opinion about the entire situation which may be contrary to what you think, what I think, what Joe Wilson thinks.

Valerie Plame Wilson: That’s fair. That’s what editorials do.

BuzzFlash: But to misstate the facts that are on their news pages is, we repeat, reckless disregard for the facts.

Valerie Plame Wilson: They really don’t care. Their journalistic principles are now in the gutter.

Plame is very angry at a Post editorial for not buying Plame's narrative of "facts." It says her husband Joe Wilson is a liar and the one responsible for the end of her CIA career. It's quite clear that Plame is a lot like her mentor Hillary Rodham Clinton. There is no real separation in identities in her mind between Plame and her husband. Their political campaign against Team Bush is a shared enterprise. Notice how in every interview when asked if she'd do it over again, she says "we" would. Obviously, her CIA career came in a dreadful second to her left-wing activism career. After all, the activism has made them filthy rich.

Wilson wasn't acting alone. His wife was an eager participant in trying to help the radical anti-war Left build a case for "Bush lied, people died." It's become quite obvious in the quality and character of left-wing Web sites she's now awarding interviews and air kisses.

Tim Graham
Tim Graham
Tim Graham is Executive Editor of NewsBusters and is the Media Research Center’s Director of Media Analysis