Leftist on Huff-Post: We Want A Daily Hour Of Jack Cafferty on CNN!

CNN's Jack Cafferty has created a little career as a gruff anti-Bush commentator on "The Situation Room." His schtick has struck me as an attempt to be the anti-Bill O'Reilly. So it's not surprising that on The Huffington Post, left-wing radio show host Cenk Uygur is campaigning for CNN to give Cafferty his own hour-long soap box in a post titled "How Jack Cafferty Can Save America." (Hat tip: TV Newser.) All by himself, Cafferty can reverse a supposedly unanimous conservative American media:

He is a rare truth teller on cable news. He gets a couple of minutes a day on CNN to do "The Cafferty File." And every time it is a breath of fresh air - a man speaking truth to power. If CNN would just give Cafferty his own show in primetime, where he can frame the conversation, he can choose the topics and he can ask the right questions, we can turn this whole thing around.

If Cafferty gets good ratings, there will be ten more like him within the year. And if we could get balance on cable news in America, viewers can finally hear the whole story and make up their minds for themselves.

For the last ten years, Americans have been jury members in a trial where only one side had an advocate. It is no wonder they have made the decisions they have. When the British paper asked how so many Americans could be so dumb after the 2004 election, I think they had it wrong. Most Americans aren't dumb or malicious, they simply have no idea what's happening to them.

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