Hillary's GOP Opponent Makes Tough TV Ad -- Will Media Notice?

In response to Noel, I think it will be fascinating to document how much the media tries to ignore the Mayor of Yonkers, John Spencer, as he campaigns against Hillary. He may be obscure and under-financed compared to Mrs. Slick Willie (and who wouldn't be?), but he is feisty. His press statement on his new TV ad demonstrates that:

Yonkers, N.Y.: John Spencer, the conservative Republican U.S. Senate candidate facing Senator Clinton, released a television ad today that documents how Senator Clinton places politics ahead of national security by opposing the National Security Agency's wiretapping of overseas calls from Al Qaeda into the United States.

Spencer made the following comment: "Senator Clinton failed the test of wartime leadership by attacking the National Security Agency for trying to protect America. Senator Clinton put politics first – ahead of the safety of New York.

"While Senator Clinton attacks the President saying he should have captured Bin Laden already, she would take away this important tool we need to help catch him and his terror henchmen. That's wrong. That's just partisan politics."

The ad's script (view here)  is hard-hitting:

Narrator: The Brooklyn Bridge.  In 2003, a US citizen named Iyman Faris plotted with Al Qaeda to destroy it. The plot was coordinated with Osama Bin Laden. And the attack was stopped only when National Security Agency wiretaps exposed it. But Senator Clinton opposes the program that prevented the attack on the Brooklyn Bridge.  She'd rather leave us vulnerable.

Spencer voice-over: That's wrong. I'm John Spencer, and I approved this message, because I won't play politics with our security.

The lefties are not happy with this line of attack. Over at TalkLeft, they're touting the heroic work against the NSA program by the bridge-busting-plotter's lawyer.

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