Unitarian Heaven: Washington Post Prints Completely One-Sided "Protest" Story

There's only a traffic-warning mention of the "March for Life" in my Metro section of the Washington Post today, but they're not free of protest news. On page B-2, reporter Stephanie McCrummen files a press release (or do they call this an objective "news" presentation?) on a Unitarian "protest" event for so-called "gay marriage." The headline is "Church Ceremony Celebrates Gay Pairs: Straight Couples Join in Vows of Commitment at Protest Event in Arlington." Nowhere in the story is there a single conservative voice to represent what the "protest" is against at the UU church in Arlington, not even a cursory explanation of the conservative view, described as "mean-spirited" by the story's subjects.

There is also no liberal or radical label for anyone in the story, although the C-word does emerge as McCrummen explains "To a large extent, the ceremony in the rectangular, concrete-and-glass church was also about demonstrating a religious ethic that is counter to the more conservative one preached from many pulpits."

One conservative critique of Unitarians is that they don't have a "religious ethic" as much as an ideological ethic. They seem more organized for liberal activism than for worshiping God. Mysteriously, the Post story even downplays the political lobbying going on after this ceremony. The church's events page reports that in between Buddhist meditations, on Wednesday, they'll join the gay-left lobby group "Equality Virginia" in going to Richmond for "Lobby Day."

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