"CSI" Had Plot Mocking Pro-Lifers

An hour before that anti-war ER scene, the wife noticed this, and so did the Catholic League:

"CSI chose to advance a pro-abortion rights agenda by portraying those who are opposed to abortion as religious nuts not to be taken seriously.  The murder victim, who gave life to a baby who would otherwise be left to die, is described as a ‘prude’ for being chaste.  A remark is made about her being ‘our Virgin Mary.’" She was implanted with an embryo.   

“According to the CSI website, the doctor in charge of Project Sunflower is ‘a very unlikable woman.’  The pro-abortion rights forensic investigators sneer at her work and beliefs, informing us that a pope once decreed that a baby isn’t a human until quickening.  (Of course, it is not explained that the Church has always considered abortion to be illicit, regardless of the status of the baby.  Never mind the fact that we have learned a few new things about biology in a few hundred years.)" 

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