Katie's "I Am Woman" Segment, Complete With Steinem Plug

NBC showed some photographic bias Tuesday morning as Today host Katie Couric explored the topic of women and leadership:

Katie Couric: "It's been more than 30 years since women began entering the workforce in large numbers and yes, we've come a long way. But still only nine of the Fortune 500 companies are actually run by women. Despite that statistic there are numerous powerful, talented and driven women in leadership roles all across the country and this week's issue of Newsweek magazine takes a look at how women lead. We asked a few powerful women just how their gender has influenced their success."

[Photo of rally with women holding ERA Yes! signs and Gloria Steinem]

Vera Wang: "We were that Gloria Steinem generation that, you know, just wanted, you know equal pay for an equal day's work and I think wanted equal consideration as to our intelligence, as to our ability, as to our passion, as to our desires and I think that's happening now. I think that many women don't even know about a time when it wasn't really that common. So in that respect we have succeeded. On the other hand there's still more work to be done."

Credit MRC's Geoff Dickens for sitting through another one of these Katie soapbox moments. Can we guess, then, why Katie's pressing Lynne Cheney and Laura Bush about whether there's whiffs of sexism in the conservative skepticism about Harriet Miers?

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