NBC's Self-Promotional Jokes: Hey, Now Even Pat Robertson Loves "Will & Grace"

Geoffrey Dickens reports this exchange on NBC's Today at about 9:15 am last Thursday, celebrating NBC's long-running gay sitcom "Will & Grace" with actors Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes, and Megan Mullally. Note the jabs at the religious right.

NBC's Jill Rappaport: "Actually you guys looked great but I remember the one thing you were very nervous about the premise of the show. It was very daring back then. Very controversial."

Eric McCormack: "We all thought that we were gonna be on tender hooks for Christian Coalition reasons or something. I just never happened. People just sorta tuned in."

Rappaport: "And tuned in and had such a following for so long and love you so much."

Sean Hayes: "Pat Robertson's watching now."

McCormack: "Yeah he's..."

Hayes: "Yeah he's a big fan."

Rappaport: "And I'll bet you never thought that would happen."

Hayes: "No. We're going to lunch after this."

Megan Mullally: "When the stock market dips he blames it on "Will & Grace" but it's, that's just a little thing."


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