Media Gives Sean Penn a 'Rectal Cancer' Pass

"You know, do I hope that those people die screaming of rectal cancer? Yeah, you know, but I’m not going to spend a lot of energy on it." – Sean Penn (when addressing his detractors)

No, I’m not making it up, you can even view the video here. O’Reilly, feel free to examine his body language, though to be fair, there isn’t much of a body to work with. For those too lazy to watch the video, let me recap it for you: **Spoiler alert!** Sean Penn has decided to take the life-plunge and go full-retard. Honestly, I don’t even know what to say anymore. Clearly, his statement was made in the poorest taste possible. Even more appalling however, is that the media doesn’t seem upset about these remarks in the slightest.

Is it just me, or do the “outrageous” quotes from Limbaugh, Coulter, and Beck that send the mainstream-media into a tizzy pale in comparison to the vitriolic hatred of Penn?

If Sean Penn were to tell his detractors to take a hike, that would be fine. If he suggested that they jump off a bridge, I’d be cool with that. But to describe in vivid detail, a torturous, agonizing death (one from which many cancer-sufferers were likely suffering while watching the interview from their hospital beds) in which his detractors should perish, is evil, pure and simple. The worst part about it is that we all know Sean Penn isn’t quick enough to think on his feet, which leaves no doubt that the man had spent “a lot of energy on it” in order to craft the graphic mental imagery beforehand. What a sick, twisted, vulgar, knee-high little minikin.

Listen Sean, I don’t like you. Really, I don’t. Yet you’ve never heard me wish upon you the most agonizing of cervical cancers.

Would I love to pummel you? If I could cut five or six weight classes, yes of course I would. Better yet, I’d rather just let any of the photographers or women you’ve assaulted in years past line up to womp you one by one, a la “Airplane.”

Would I like to see you shunned from your Hollywood brethren for hate speech? Sure, why not? He who lives by the politically correct sword deserves to die by it.

I don’t, however, want to see you die a horrible, excruciating death. Not only because you’re undoubtedly going to hell, but because it’s just not my style to wish that on anybody, nor is it for most conservatives. We tend to be decent people. See, we call you and your ilk elitists, you call us scrotum-suckers (i.e. teabaggers). We point out your misguided ideals, you call us racists. We make fun of your cable networks pathetic ratings, you call us propagandists. Is anyone else noticing the pattern here?

This isn’t just about Jeff Spicoli. Sean Penn’s recent comment is the epitome of all that is wrong with Tinseltown. They can hurl the most vile, angry, hateful insults at middle-Americans because they know that the press will cover for them. On the flip-side, conservatives constantly have to play defense because they know that any marginally offensive comment they make will be blown-up into hate speech of epic proportions and played on a never-ending repeat circuit in the mainstream media. Who else is sick of it? In the spirit of honesty, I ask you conservatives, what would you say if someone like Rush Limbaugh wished all of his detractors “died screaming of rectal cancer”?

As for Sean, you disgust me. Yet, I would never hope to see you die an agonizing death, screaming from uterine cancer. See how that works?

Originally published at Big Hollywood on March 9. For the NewsBusters archive of Sean Penn-related stories, click here.

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