And the Winner of the MRC's Sweet-On-Obama Sixteen Is...

Sweet-On-Obama Sixteen | Media Research CenterWe began with sixteen of the most overtly biased journalists towards Illinois Democratic Senator and Presidential nominee Barack Obama.

You, the media's biggest fans, watched the videos and read the excerpts and cast your ballots for your selections.  

First for the Enamored Eight, then the Infatuated Four and the Dynamic Biased Duo.

And now the moment has arrived, when we announce your choice as the Media's Most Valuable Partisan (MVP), the most pro-Obama reporter of them all.

And that alleged journalist is.... | Media Research CenterWas There Ever
Really Any Doubt?
Chris Matthews.  

Yes, I know this will come as a galloping shock to one and nearly all, but that was how this particular media bias cookie crumbled.

So turn out the leg lamp, the party's over.  Unless today's other vote turns up roses for the press's Most Beloved, in which case we will have to redo this contest on a fortnightly basis for the next four years.  

Reconstituted as the Sweet-On-Obama Sixteen Thousand.  At least.

Seton Motley
Seton Motley
Founder and president of Less Government.