Rejection of Clinton is 'Rejection of George W. Bush'

How is that for a more visible example of a more virulent strain of Bush Derangement Syndrome?

The infected in question is a very long and very public sufferer, the New York Times' Frank Rich, and he just uttered said symptom on MSNBC.

Rich offered up his usual expert delusional analysis that the thus far flight of Democrats from the Hillary Clinton camp is not a result of her myriad unexamined scandals, her woefully unattractive personality or the reality that the "Ready" candidate is not really all that ready, having accomplished very little herself.

No, according to Rich, Democrat Clinton's rejection as a candidate by Democrats in a Democrat Presidential primary is a "rejection of George W. Bush, a rejection of George W. Bush's Washington".

Were Rich to check, he would find that President Bush was, and is, a Republican. A Republican, he might additionally find, that the nearly retiring Mrs. Clinton has routinely and incessantly beaten about the head and shoulders, metaphorically speaking.

If you think there are Republicans distancing themselves from the incumbent, none of them have anything on the junior Senator from New York -- if Bush is on Mars, HRC is campaigning on Venus.

But according to the very ill Rich, Democrats view the two as joined at the hip. To get back at one, so says he, they have rejected the other.

Is there a doctor in the house?

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