NY Post Quizzes: Why Are the Washington Post, NYT Ignoring Mark Levin's New Book?

The New York Post on Saturday decried a typical example of liberal media bias: Despite the fact that Mark Levin's New book The Liberty Amendments is number one on all three related New York Times bestseller lists, that newspaper, as well as the Washington Post and Los Angeles Times, among others, has ignored it.

The New York Post's Kyle Smith wondered, "So, who is this man of mystery considered unfit for mention despite selling millions of books?" He added, "Levin reader-listeners feel left out of the national debate, and mostly the national media has responded by . . . trying to pretend he doesn’t exist."

Smith concluded:

Some of his ideas might command bipartisan support (now might be a particularly good time to renew the term-limits fight, with Congress polling at about the same approval rating as Lyme disease), but given that effectively two-thirds of Congress and three-quarters of states would have to approve any constitutional updates, most of the Levin amendments stand almost no chance of being passed. Especially the wittiest one: moving tax day to the day before Election Day.

That doesn’t mean the proposals are unworthy of discussion.

The likes of the Times may prefer to ignore Levin as a fringe figure, but that isn’t likely if he’s at the top of the bestseller list. His liberal equivalent, Michael Moore, enjoys saturation coverage in every paper and magazine every time he has a new product to promote.

In fact, ABC, which has also ignored Levin, has heavily promoted the various works of Michael Moore.

It's gotten so bad at the Washington Post that even the paper's token Republican attacked Levin as a conspiracy theorist.

Scott Whitlock
Scott Whitlock
Scott Whitlock is the associate editor for the Media Research Center's NewsBusters.org site.