Newsweek's Tomasky Spews Anger at GOP: 'Party of Whiners' over Bin Laden Death

Now that Tina Brown's Daily Beast has merged with Newsweek, the magazine's liberal tilt is even more apparent. In a posting, Tuesday, "Newsweek/Daily Beast special correspondent" Michael Tomasky assailed the Republican Party as a "party of whiners" over the killing of Osama bin Laden.

The article's headline mocked, "Republicans love to act like tough guys. Yet it’s the Democrat in the White House who got bin Laden—and the GOP that’s throwing a temper tantrum about a modest Obama ad."

Regarding George W. Bush being president during 9/11, Tomasky railed, "In a rational world, that would count as a demerit—and indeed might have led to George W. Bush’s removal from office..."

The Newsweek writer, who previously wrote for the liberal American Prospect, explained that Obama's new ad questions whether Mitt Romney would have killed bin Laden. Tomasky did note that Romney also said in 2007, "But [bin Laden] is going to pay, and he will die."

But he dismissed this as "ass-covering."

Good to know that Newsweek's pairing with Daily Beast has made the publication classier.

Scott Whitlock
Scott Whitlock
Scott Whitlock is the associate editor for the Media Research Center's site.