Chris Christie Zaps MSNBC's Botched Chart: It's 'Democratic Math!'

MSNBC doesn't make sense to Chris Christie, either. The outspoken Republican governor on Wednesday mocked a network graphic insisting that 55 percent of New Jersey residents think he'll be Vice President and 68 percent don't. (So, 123 percent?) An amused Christie quipped, "That sounds like Democratic math!" [See video below. MP3 here.]

A sheepish Joe Scarborough admitted, "Now, see, I'm not really good in math, but I don't" think that makes much sense. Christie joked, "55 To 68?...I can't count that high. It's over 100, though, I know that much." It appears as though the graphic department for Morning Joe is just as math-challenged as Chris Matthews.

On January 13, Matthews and a Hardball graphic preposterously claimed that Obama added "only 13 people" to the federal workforce. In a re-airing of the program, MSNBC replaced the inaccurate chart, but made no correction.

The poll on Morning Joe was by Quinnipiac and the actual numbers show 55 percent of New Jersey voters think it's somewhat or very likely that their governor will be picked as VP.

Forty-two percent think it's not likely or not very likely.

Perhaps some remedial math classes would be in order for the employees of MSNBC?

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