Piers Morgan Insists 'No Partisanship' at CNN; Reality Says Otherwise

According to cable host Piers Morgan, CNN is bias-free. On his June 22 program, the anchor declared of his network: "What it doesn't have is partisanship, which is a very different thing from having an opinion." See the video below for examples of just how partisan CNN can be. (MP3 audio here.)

Morgan is the same host who on June 07 asked of Ann Coulter, "Where is the similar mob to Mussolini’s and Hitler’s in the modern democratic era?...Tea Party?"

On January 21, 2009, CNN's Carol Costello gushed about the newly sworn in President, "When Barack Obama started to speak, I was right in the middle of the crowd. People were crying, they were laughing, they were cheering. Suddenly someone would just come up and hug you. It was just amazing."
On the June 09, 2009 Situation Room, supposedly non-partisan journalists Jack Cafferty and host Wolf Blitzer shared this little joke: "Here’s the question: ‘Would you rather listen to a speech by Sarah Palin or a speech by Newt Gingrich?’ Go to CNN — or would you rather just stick needles in your eyes?"

No partisanship at CNN? Not likely.

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Scott Whitlock
Scott Whitlock
Scott Whitlock is the associate editor for the Media Research Center's NewsBusters.org site.