Juju's Boo-Boo: ABC Anchor Says Oil Price Now 'Above $100 Per Gallon'

Good Morning America news anchor Juju Chang on Thursday made a goof that could surprise her morning show audience. Discussing instability in the Middle East, the reporter claimed that oil prices have been pushed above "$100 per gallon."

Obviously, Chang meant that oil prices are now over $100 per barrel. The current national average for a gallon of regular gasoline is $3.22. (See below for video of the hilarious gaffe. MP3 audio here.)

Her full quote, airing just after 8am on February 24: "And all that uncertainty in the Middle East has pushed oil prices above $100 per gallon. As a result, airfares are taking off. The airlines have already raised ticket prices four times this year, compared to three times during all of last year."

Scott Whitlock
Scott Whitlock
Scott Whitlock is the associate editor for the Media Research Center's NewsBusters.org site.