Dan Harris: 'We're Having Something of a National Moment' Over Obama

According to "Good Morning America" reporter Dan Harris, "No matter how you voted, it's hard to deny that we're having something of a national moment right now" over the election of Barack Obama to the presidency. The ABC correspondent appeared on Thursday's show to explain how the national and international celebration for the Democrat's victory was continuing.

In a tease for the piece at the top of the show, co-host Robin Roberts bubbled that the president-elect "woke up to a chorus of worldwide approval." (At no point did any of the journalists question whether foreign approval over an American president was a good thing or not.) Harris did allow that Obama wouldn't receive a "permanent honeymoon," but co-host Diane Sawyer closed the segment by cooing, "I was saying, my sister in France has people coming up to her and saying, American? Obama!"

At one point, a costumed, older man in Chicago was featured singing, "We love you. You are the sweetheart of ours!" The segment also featured clips of talk show host Oprah Winfrey rhapsodizing on Wednesday's show: "Woo! Woo! A new day for America!" Sawyer later approvingly observed, "...Oprah was there when no one thought it was particularly possible to have an Obama victory."

A transcript of the November 6 segment, which aired at 7:17am, follows:


DIANE SAWYER: And he didn't even get to sleep in one morning.


SAWYER: You'd think after two years of campaigning, president-elect Obama got right to work, not even 12 hours off. Getting to work, in part, choosing the team.

ROBERTS: And he woke up to a chorus of worldwide approval. And woke up with an extensive global to-do list.


SAWYER: And now the reaction to Senator Obama's victory. It continued through the day yesterday and into the night last night. And, so, ABC's Dan Harris is here to bring us up to date.

ABC GRAPHIC: From Hollywood and Beyond: Bold Names Congratulate Obama

DAN HARRIS: Good morning. Thank you. No matter how you voted, it's hard to deny that we're having something of a national moment right now. Just check out Ebay, where this morning, yesterday's four New York area newspapers, all with Obama headlines, are all going for more than $100. From the Oprah Winfrey show-

OPRAH WINFREY: I have two words for you, America. Mr. President!

HARRIS: To places where the debate was the loudest, like "The View."

ELISABETH HASSELBECK: But, I will jump in that line and support our president because that is what, as an American, I believe we should do.

WHOOPI GOLDBERG: Fist pump to that.

SHERRI SHEPHERD: And so, to look at my son and say, no limitations, it is an extraordinary day for me.

HARRIS: To the banners on Chicago's city hall-

UNIDENTIFIED COSTUMED MAN [singing]: We love you. You are the sweetheart of ours.

HARRIS: -to the marquee at Harlem's Apollo theater. Americans continued to absorb and celebrate history. Newspaper stands carrying Obama headlines were sold out. The tributes poured from sports stars-

DONOVAN MCNABB: (Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback): Well, anything is possible.

HARRIS: Statesmen-

COLIN POWELL: What Mr. Obama represents is the best of America.

HARRIS: And politicians-

ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER: I think this is an extraordinary accomplishment.

HARRIS: Even the president, against whom Obama has railed so hard.

PRESIDENT GEORGE W. BUSH: It will be a stirring sight to watch President Obama, his wife, Michelle and their beautiful girls, step through the doors of the White House.

HARRIS: And there was a rare glimpse of emotion from Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

SECRETARY OF STATE CONDOLEEZZA RICE: I want to note that President-elect Obama was inspirational and I'm certain he will continue to be.

HARRIS: For a moment, at least, the two sides in the long, tough presidential race are coming together.

WILLIAM HAGER (McCain supporter): Well, I'm hoping that, you know, Obama- that maybe we can get together.

HARRIS: For 106-year-old Ann Nixon Cooper, the Atlanta woman whose story was told to millions of Americans on election night-

OBAMA: And tonight, I think about all that she's seen throughout her century in America.

HARRIS: -there is something even bigger happening.

ANN NIXON COOPER (Obama supporter): The races are coming together more now than ever -than I ever knew.

HARRIS: Here's an important point. There will be no permanent honeymoon for this president-elect. Even his most ardent supporters say Obama will now have to deliver.

SAWYER: But, as you pointed out, Oprah was there when no one thought it was particularly possible to have an Obama victory.

HARRIS: True. True.

SAWYER: So, we thought we would give you another little taste from her show yesterday.

["Oprah" clip]

OPRAH WINFREY: Woo! Woo! A new day for America! What did last night mean to you?

CONGRESSMAN JOHN LEWIS: Last night was one of the most moving moments in my life.

UNIDENTIFIED MALE: Each of us will always remember this moment. All I can say this morning, amazing grace, how sweet the sound.

["Oprah" clip ends]

ROBERTS: Again, not just here, but the global reaction.

SAWYER: That's right. I was saying my sister in France has people coming up to her and saying, American? Obama! In France.

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