Oops! ABC Accidentally Features Pro-Fred Thompson Message

"Good Morning America" viewers may have been surprised to see someone wearing a "Fred '08" t-shirt on Wednesday's show. No, it wasn't liberal co-host Diane Sawyer or Chris Cuomo, the brother of New York's Democratic Attorney General, Andrew Cuomo.

Rather, it was John Rich, a singer/songwriter for the band "Big & Rich" and a Tennessee native. He performed on the program sporting a big grin and a shirt that promoted Fred Thompson's 2008 presidential bid. Here he can be seen standing next to Sam Champion, GMA weatherman and a supporter of Al Gore's liberal climate change policies.

(Champion once famously hosted a segment about global warming that wondered if "billions" will die from global warming.) Perhaps Mr. Rich has read the MRC's recent study that found ABC has devoted double the amount of stories to 2008 Democratic candidates as they have for Republican contenders. Maybe he just wanted to even the playing field, ever so slightly? Considering that "Good Morning America" has yet to offer a "town hall" special to a Republican, but has held two for the Democrats, this might be as close as Fred Thompson will get on ABC.

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