'The View': Excuses Obama Intolerance on Same-Sex Marriage

ABC’s “The View” is known for its outlandish statements. On June 2, the hosts were discussing gay marriage and former Vice-President Dick Cheney because, as Barbara Walters eloquently stated, “Well, the conservative Dick Cheney has come out in support of gay marriage” as the audience cheered.

In a discussion of Cheney’s support of same-sex marriage because his daughter is a lesbian, Sherri Shepherd speculated that some people are “intolerant” until “it happens in your own back yard.” Elisabeth Hasselbeck pointed out the irony, “because you have President Obama, who still believes that marriage is defined by a man and a woman and then you have Cheney.” She later asked the other hosts, “Do you believe President Obama is intolerant because he believes marriage is between a man and a woman?”

Sherri Shepherd, who usually speaks from a liberal perspective, replied with, “No, I don’t. I think that’s what his opinion is and he has a right to that opinion. But I think if maybe something happened within his family, he might, I don’t know … ”  Let’s hope “The View” shows the same deference to everyone who holds that “opinion” on same-sex marriage.