Oliver Stone: Sarah Palin is a Moron

Is Palin bashing a pre-requisite for an appearance on the new Parker-Spitzer show?  Aaron Sorkin referred to Palin as an ‘idiot' and ‘jaw-droppingly incompetent' on Monday's show.  And now, Tuesday's show featured Oliver Stone calling Palin a ‘moron'.

Kathleen Parker asks Stone about the prospect of making a movie about Sarah Palin, and he uses this as a launching point for a PDS rant.

Parker:  Can you see making a movie about Sarah Palin?  Is she movie fodder?  I would think ...

Stone:  It's a bad idea because I think you're already empowering her.  She's a moron in my opinion.  She doesn't say anything.

He wasn't nearly content to rest on those insults however (clip below)...

Stone comments on the Palin phenomenon by comparing her supporters to the Know-Nothings:

"There's Know-Nothingism in American histories all over the place.  You find candidates coming, ignorant people run for office, and they win."

Ironic in that he mentions ignorant people running for office and winning to a guy forever known as Client Number 9.

Stone also compares Sarah Palin's followers to the Ku Klux Klan:

"The Ku Klux Klan was marching 100,000 Ku Klux Klan marched the streets of Washington, D.C. in 1923 to astounding success with white sheets on their head."

And of course, he puts his America-bashing on full display:

"America goes into its virtue, its Know-Nothing kind of like, the foreigners are enemies, we hate the Europeans, we blame them.  We're an isolationist history and an isolationist country."

Only Oliver Stone could despise Sarah Palin while simultaneously believing Hitler was nothing more than misunderstood.

Oh, and speaking of a know nothing moron...

At the (0:40) mark, Stone coins a previously undiscovered nickname for FDR - Federal Delano Roosevelt.

At the (1:20) mark, he points out that there was another candidate running for election in 2008.  Of Obama's presidency, Stone says, "I'm still rooting for him.  It's either him or McCain or Palin or Bush."

He uses the phrase ‘idear', which the Urban Dictionary defines as, ‘What losers who don't know proper English say instead of idea.'

Oddly enough, Spitzer doesn't challenge these ridiculous allegations of Palin being a moron.  Perhaps this is because Client Number 9 fits the bill himself.  During his political tenure in New York, Spitzer attained such intellectually challenged achievements as:

  • Blatantly lied about financing for both of his 1994 and 1998 attorney general campaigns.  He justified skirting campaign finance law by simply saying, ‘the law is porous'.  This is the equivalent of a bank robber justifying his crime by saying ‘the security is porous'.
  • Called a reporter from the New York Daily News, Michael Aronson, at his home, in an attempt to intimidate him into ceasing his critical coverage.
  • Used the New York State Police force to spy on his political opponent (a man he had referred to as a ‘senile piece of s***'), then blocked the release of e-mails regarding the matter.
  • Denied wearing calf-length black socks during sexual encounters with prostitutes, despite it being confirmed by three different and independent sources.  Though I'm not sure which is the more egregious offense - the black socks, or the denial.

Kathleen Parker isn't exactly interested in jumping to Palin's defense either.  As Matthew Balan points out, Parker has a long history of bashing Palin in her Washington Post columns.

Thus far, the Parker-Spitzer show has proven to be nothing more than a forum for unhinged Palin bashers.

Parker.  Spitzer.  Stone.

Morons.  All of them.

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