Kos Kids Back at it – Wishing Death upon Michelle Malkin

Wasn't it just a couple of days ago that the crew over at the Daily Kos was fretting about how conservatives as a whole are equally as complicit in the murder of George Tiller as the shooter himself?  And of the details being reported to better understand the background of the actual killer, Scott Roeder, doesn't one major detail involve the posts that he left on anti-abortion Web sites?

With that in mind, how concerned should we be with a blog post that fantasizes about the death of conservative columnist Michelle Malkin? 

In a posting titled ‘Michelle Malkin - The Book', an individual using the handle cousinavi, creates a story which refers to Malkin's husband in a derogatory manner more than once, and eventually fantasizes about her choking to death. 

Should this story, which appears to be written at a third grade level, be taken for what the ‘writer' intends - a ‘total work of fiction'?  Or should it be taken for what it really is, an attempt to get Kos readers to indulge in the ‘writer's' imagination, inciting equally provocative death fantasies about Malkin? 

Excerpts below the jump (Warning!  Offensive language, equally offensive to those with an education)...

Referring to Malkin's husband, the ‘writer' describes him as

...an equally bright boy who was more than happy to stay at home and be her bitch while she waded into the world of pissing people off and being paid for it.


...her goddamn useless bitch of a husband...

The death segment involved in this fantasy reads (emphasis mine)

As the story draws to a close, our heroine is beginning to sense the truth...that she isn't really very bright, and is commonly wrong about most things. But what, then, could be behind her meteoric rise to success? Why do people heap all this attention on her?

Sadly, full awareness will never be achieved by our lead character, for as she's pondering these very questions she chokes to death on a slightly oversize bit of food, which is totally ironic because she fucking well TOLD her goddamn useless bitch of a husband to cut it up into BITE SIZED pieces!

Total work of fiction.  But one can hope.

Presumably that last bit means one can hope that Malkin chokes to death.  The simplistic piece of writing is so over-the-top, that loyal readers of the Daily Kos are offended.

A sampling of the commentary follows:

...my dislike of her ridiculous blather...but I think you went too far at the end.

More than a little over-the-top.  You really should delete this.  


Hasn't there been enough of that lately?  Seriously, words have consequences, and this sort of thing is unsettling enough when it comes from the other side.  I don't particularly like it from ours.

This of course is minor compared to the ‘writer's' own blog, on which he expresses his dismay with someone apparently interfering with his picture captions by making the following threat:

May have to stab some fuckin' body keeps fucking about with this caption

The site also contains a cartoon consisting of a man who asks:

Must you answer every question with a death threat?

He recently has posted about the Tiller murder in which he asks ‘whether or not it's appropriate to lay the blame for the murder of Dr. George Tiller at the door of Jesus Christ or religion in general.'

While the Daily Kos has made no attempt to remove this posting, and will certainly not investigate one of their ‘writers', perhaps the authorities might want to take a closer look at someone who fantasizes about the death of a conservative writer, and further, openly makes stabbing threats.

Photo Credit:  Peter Kramer/Getty Images