Cartoonist Equates Democrats to Marines in Iwo Jima

In one of the more insulting comparisons seen in recent memory, Albany Times Union editorial cartoonist John de Rosier does a major disservice to the honorable men who served during the Battle of Iwo Jima, by depicting recent efforts of Democrats to pass a non-stimulating ‘economic stimulus plan' as equally heroic.

The cartoon shows Democrats in the role of the Marines featured in the Iwo Jima Memorial, a sculpture based on the famous photo by Joe Rosenthal entitled Raising the Flag on Iwo Jima.  The exception to this replication lies in the flag being raised - the Dem's are trying to hoist a ‘bailout flag' as opposed to a flag of the United States.

If that weren't insulting enough, the cartoon also shows the Republican Party mascot, the elephant, trying desperately to pull the flag down.

In short, the Democrats are trying to save our nation by heroically raising up the Obama bailout flag, while the villainous Republicans are trying to destroy our nation by stopping their efforts.

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De Rosier's clear endorsement of the Obama bailout plan as a nation-saving measure, would seem to indicate that he also likely endorsed a similarly free-market abandoning effort passed by Bush late last year.

Yet, de Rosier's archives are wrought with sarcasm and skepticism of the Bush bailout plan.  On September 24th, Bush is depicted as a car salesman trying to smooth talk his customer into buying into the Bush/Paulson bailout plan, only for the customer to suddenly realize that he was the one who once sold him an ‘Iraqi lemon back in '03.'

On September 23rd, he illustrated the average taxpayer as getting soaked and sunk by the bailout plan.

And of course, de Rosier opted to go with the bailout plan as a ‘pig in lipstick' card on October 3rd. 

In four short months, the Times Union cartoonist has gone from labeling a $700 billion bailout plan as a pig in lipstick, a sinking boat, and a defective car, to labeling a far more reckless $819 billion bailout plan as a heroic effort to save our nation.

Cartoon Credit:  John de Rosier/Times Union

Photo Credit:  Catie Drew

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