Media Continues to Smear Sarah Palin Without Apology

The main stream media is continuing a fervent assault on Sarah Palin, covering the mundane, the non-existent, and the factually devoid news stories of the day.  Problem being, when those dramatic news stories become less sensational due to the latest revelations, the media is not as excited to report the correction.

There's been no secret that the media has been salivating over the chance to link Palin to the Sherry Johnston drug arrest.  The latest opportunity came in the form of an e-mail from Kyle Young, an Alaskan drug investigator, in which he insinuates that the investigation and arrest of Johnston were stalled for political reasons.  Young wrote that the case ‘...was not allowed to progress in a normal fashion, the search warrant service WAS delayed because of the pending election.' 

And the media ran with it - to the tune of 417 articles on a Google news search of the terms ‘Kyle Young and Sarah Palin' this morning.  Coverage of this unsubstantiated allegation can be seen at MSNBC, CBS News, the New York Times, Newsday, the Washington Post, USA Today, and the Dallas Morning News, mostly via the tabloid liberal news agency known as the Associated Press.  And that is just to name a few. 

Now however, a union representing Alaskan State Troopers is backing off the allegation.  According to the Public Safety Employees Association, investigators never delayed a search warrant for political reasons.  Union president Rob Cox refers to the entire faux scandal as a ‘non-issue.'

Having had since yesterday evening to clear the air, one would expect the integrity driven media to make every effort to cover this aspect of the story just as vehemently.  Major news outlets will surely inform the public of such an egregious error in investigative reporting, by running a story that clears the air for Sarah Palin, and exonerates her from bogus political meddling charges.  Right?

Wrong.  Thus far, there is no report from MSNBC, CBS News, the New York Times, Newsday, the Washington Post, USA Today, the Dallas Morning News, or the Associated Press.  There are far less than 417 articles returned on a Google news search of the terms ‘Rob Cox and Sarah Palin' this morning.  In fact, there is barely a peep from anyone in the media. 

Where are the retractions, the corrections, or the apologies?  As of this morning, the only source covering the updated information is the Anchorage Daily News.  Perhaps the MSM will eventually get around to covering the story, but since it can be categorized as positive news for Sarah Palin, it isn't likely to happen any time soon.

Photo Credit:  UPI Photo/Roger L. Wollenberg

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