Voting McCain Doesn’t Make You Racist – It Means You’re Too Stupid to Know You’re Racist

There's a new potential excuse out there for Obama backers fearing a racial tinge to the election results next Tuesday.

As NewsBuster's Tim Graham noted, Newsweek has been proactive enough to suggest that only racism can launch McCain into the White House at this point.

The Hartford Courant offers a different rationale, however (As if there is anything rational about calling someone who doesn't vote for your candidate, a racist).

Yes, the new terminology offered by the Hartford Courant is ‘unconscious racism.' Meaning if you pull the lever for McCain on Election Day, you are not only a racist, but you're too stupid to realize it.

No word yet on whether the 84% of African Americans who are voting for Obama should be considered ‘conscious racists.'

The support for this argument is a scenario involving an African-American who was running late to a meeting with a client, and when he arrived, was subsequently mistaken for the wait staff.

That's how you will be characterized as a supporter of McCain - The greedy corporate white man who assumes that every African American can only be employed as a waiter. Except, you won't even know just how racist you are.

Other examples provided by the Courant:

It's the well-meaning comment about how "articulate" an African American colleague is, or the white boss who passes up a black job candidate over fear of being accused of racism if the person is ever disciplined or fired.

Calling an African American ‘articulate' makes you an unconscious racist? Congratulations Joe Biden, you're a racist! I wonder if Joe will be voting for McCain/Palin.

The Courant continues with their racist rant on racism saying:

In the case of the presidential election, it's the white person who finds himself in the privacy of the voting booth and just can't bring himself to vote for an African American but would never identify that reluctance as racism.

They offer no proof of such a ridiculous claim and what's worse, there is no mention of the black person who will be voting for the African American candidate simply because of the color of his skin. Rush Limbaugh, not surprisingly, offers a far more compelling and intelligent argument for the concept of reverse racism citing the Colin Powell endorsement.

The fact remains that only the liberal media will make such a claim on racism, and then not back them up with something called logic.

It's time the Hartford Courant takes a look into the proverbial mirror, and understands that running such a ridiculous article makes them the ‘unconscious racists.'

Photo Credit: Stephen Crowley/New York Times

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